Individual Classes

You can find the rates for basic class formulas under group class prices. That said, at The Language Center, we know that you are unique and we adapt to your needs by offering you personalized learning formulas. For special requests do not hesitate to contact us directly.

You’re not interested in individual classes ? If that is the case, see our amazing group class options.

In order to speak better, students need to speak MORE. This is why The Language Center offers all of its enrolled students 2 hours of CCP Complimentary Conversation Practice  a week. learn more

Intensive classes 120 hours

Classes price :7920 €
Enrollment fees :included
Books :included
Exams :included
Total :7920 €*

Intensive classes 48 hours

Classes price :3465 €
Enrollment fees :included
Books :included
Total :3465 €*

Trial inscription 15 hours

Classes price :1290 €
Enrollment fees :75 €
Books :included
Total :1365 €*
If you wish to take classes in a French School and pay in Swiss Francs, the exchange rate of the day you pay for your classes will be applied.

* All of our prices include the VAT tax. The first book is included in your enrolment.

The basic formulas are our minimum enrolments. Enrolments are customised to meet your needs, so let us know how we can help best and ask for a personal price quote.

Trial inscription
14 hours

Classes price :1280 CHF
Enrollment fees :90 CHF
Total : 1370 CHF

Intensive classes
48 hours

Classes price :3935 CHF
Enrollment fees :free
Total : 3935 CHF
The first book is included in your enrolment.

Individual classes are scheduled at your convenience with a maximum of six hours a day and a minimum of one hour per week.

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If you are not sure of your language skills, please set up an appointment to take our evaluation test before sending us the registration form.

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