Other Languages


German flag

At the heart of Europe, Germany’s culture and economy shines. In Switzerland, German like French and Italian, is a national language. Therefore, mastering German is a valuable private and professional asset. Come and get an introduction to German or improve your level thanks to classes at The Language Center.


Italian flag

Also a national Swiss language, Italian is heard everyday in the streets of Geneva. Over the years, very close ties between Switzerland and Italy have been made through families, cultures, and businesses. Indispensible in many situations, knowledge of Italian is a great thing for those who wish to fully integrate into the local community and Italy as well.


Chinese flag

China, with its booming economy and billions of citizens, both fascinates and disturbs us. Mastering the Chinese language gives both insight and a professional advantage. Come meet our mother-tongue teachers and benefit from their professional know-how. They will help you to learn quickly!


Russian flag

Russia continues to fascinate both in terms of tourism and culturally. Quite large in Geneva, the Russian community is very dynamic. Thanks to your Language Center Russian classes, you will learn quickly how to use this language. Prepare yourself for the discovery of new horizons!


Portuguese flag

After many generations of immigration, the Portuguese community has fully integrated into the social and economic fabric of the Lake Leman and kept close ties to Portugal. Social ties, business links, and a taste for discovery are all great reasons to learn Portuguese.


Spanish flag

Want to get away? Need a change of scenery? Want to discover another culture that is at once close and far? Go to Spain. In many parts of the world, mastering Spanish is a real necessity. Take classes at the language center with some of the best Spanish teachers in the world. Spanish is a joy to speak and is also a great advantage professionally.